Hardwood flooring will always be the best choice when it comes to floor design. Hardwood floors are an ideal way to improve your home’s value since it is extremely versatile and never goes out of style. It totally transforms the feeling of any space, while also supporting an eco-friendly resource. 

Here are a couple of tips you can follow to choose the right hardwood floor Victoria BC for your home: 

Greige Wood Flooring 

A combination of beige and gray. This is one hardwood floor design that is quite common. The combined color captures the feature of two colors since it mixes the warmth of beige and the minimalist feel of grey. It’s quite flexible. You can pair it with various styles and décor and it will easily match. It can be utilized in your outdoor kitchen to the indoor living room. This hardwood design is a very modern option, whether you are looking for a country look or a contemporary style.  

This type of hardwood flooring can totally change the feel of a room with its special color. The light neutral tone of greige can brighten up space and offer a comforting feeling.  

Aged or Distressed Look 

The aged flooring design has been around for a while. However, it has experienced recently a surge in popularity. This finish undergoes a process of artificial aging to produce a slightly worn appearance. This design is ideal if you’re planning to produce a rustic feel since this finish emphasizes a feeling of warmth and homeliness.  

Whitewashed Floors 

This type of hardwood flooring is now popular across the United States. This type of flooring undergoes a blanching or bleaching process. This will help get rid of the wood’s natural tone to make it appear beachier. However, this process only applies stain over the surface of the wood. Thus, you’ve got nothing to worry about the boards. The wood grain is still noticeable under the stain. Thus, this color won’t lose the appeal of the natural material.  

This type of hardwood flooring works to produce a look of openness and add brightness. This means this form of wood is ideal for places in which you want to produce a more homely aesthetic, such as the living space or the kitchen. As a more modern choice. Whitewash can help add personality and appeal to your house.  

Darker Tone Woods 

Color trends have moved towards darker tones over the previous years. Of course, there’s a reason for this. Darker colors appear luxurious and elegant. This produces an expensive look. However, that isn’t all. Darker woods offer a modern look and are sometimes easier to design when compared to lighter tones. The reason for this is that darker tones will suit anything from lighter kitchen cabinets to dark furnishings.  

Whatever trend you choose, you should always keep in mind that hardwood floors are an investment for life. Hardwood floors not only fit any lifestyle as they are extremely flexible and versatile. They can greatly improve your home’s value.